8 Great Party Tips For Halloween

Take these great party tips and be able to throw a party that every will talk about for years to come. The hardest part of any party planning is knowing where to start! Figuring out who to invite, what to make, which decorations to put up are just a few of the things you have to worry about when planing a Halloween party. This list of party tips will make the party planning process much easier for everyone. 

Party Tips for Halloween

  1. Online invitations. Websites like evite and punchbowl are great for making the invitation process a lot easier with their pre made invitations.  You just fill in the information and send to your guest.  Plus it keeps track of RSVP’s and helps your guests remember party time with a reminder email.
  2. Decorations. Color coordinating is the easiest way to boost your decorating status and Halloween colors make it very easy on us. Party in a Pinch has an assortment of festive banners and colorful tableware that will give your party just the right spunk.

    Party tips
    Party Tips
  3. Atmosphere. There are a lot of ways to make your house spooky without straining a muscle. Try replacing the main lighting with shaded lamps or covering furniture with spiderwebs for a more eerie atmosphere. Dry ice makes for a great bubbling cauldron is always a crowd pleaser for those over-zealous types.
  4. Make it a costume party.  Halloween is the best time to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and parties are always more fun when you get to play a part.  Everyone is sure to have a good time, plus it will make for some amazing pictures!
  5. Stress-free food.  Halloween is all about treats.  Sweet treats are in bountiful amounts at the store these days from orange and black cookies to frightfully shaped candies. Find a million cute and simple ideas on Pinterest such as these adorable ghost bananas and pumpkin oranges for a healthier option.

    Party Tips for Bananas and oranges for Halloween!
  1. Music. Pandora and Spotify both have wonderfully creepy Halloween stations that will keep your party moving at all times without costing you an arm and a leg on Halloween tracks that you’re not likely to listen to but once a year.
  1. Games.  There are endless games opportunities. You can basically turn any regular carnival game into a Halloween themed game by adding scary creatures or ghostly components. Such as the ever classic bottle toss game you can turn into a boo toss by making ghost out of standard plastic cups.

    Party Tip games
    Party Tip Games

Or you can do the always favorite pumpkin decorating/carving contest. Or everyone loves a good candy counting contest with the ever traditional candy corns.


  1. Simple but cute takeaways.  Party in Pinch has several party bags that you can personalize with complimentary tags.  Fill them with candy and send your guests home smiling bolt to bolt from a hauntingly good time.  

Halloween Party



Monster Party


Score mummy of the year with an easy monster party pack that will keep your little creatures happy without going through the haunting ordeal of planning. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and squeezing in a party is a must! Make celebrating Halloween a howl this year with help from Party in a Pinch.


Treat your little monsters to a spooktacular party with these adorable cupcake kits.


Confetti balloons and monster party banners are sure to bring out ghoulish giggles and witchy smiles.


No zombie can leave the party without a sweet, and simple takeaway.2013933_1142013933_105

No need breaking a sweat over your leaky cauldrons, donuts and cupcakes are always crowd pleasers.

Straws and color coordinated cups are an easy way to make a party look well planned and post worthy.


We just love the Halloween season and all the fun party possibilities. No late night broom flights necessary for this party, you can custom create your own halloween party box.  Afterall, who can resist a monster mash?